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arrowHome arrow Fresh Bread arrow Consecration Calls for a Sacrifice
Consecration Calls for a Sacrifice

“The reason people can’t consecrate is because there is a problem in the root. That’s why they are not bearing fruit.” Rev. Clyde C. Williams

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33 NLT

Consecration is us giving God complete and total permission to use us. God is asking us to consecrate ourselves to Him, so that we can fulfill His purpose for our lives as we devote ourselves to living only for His Glory. The only way for us to experience the fullness of consecration is for us to die to self. Self cannot have its way in a consecrated life. Because, in a consecrated life, there is no “my way” or “God’s way”. There is only God’s way. My will is supposed to become nothing so that all my thoughts center on what God wants for me.

This calls for sacrifice. Actually, our whole life is a life of sacrifice – if we really want to be like Jesus. When we refuse to sacrifice an area in our life to God, we stop bearing fruit in the way that we should be. The little fruit that does make it is nothing compared to what God is expecting from us if we could only consecrate our lives to Him. God wants fruit in season and out of season as with the fig tree. The fig tree thought it was doing alright because it was still alive, it was simply refusing to give Jesus fruit because it was the wrong time. But Jesus made it quite clear that even time belongs to Him.

Jesus is going around, looking for trees bearing fruit in season and out of season. He wants to feast on the praise and glory we give Him when we obey His WORD; when we heed His calling. How many times are you going to let Jesus pass you by with your only excuse being, “come next season Jesus, this is the wrong time”? Jesus wants all that we are in every season. Our job is to consecrate ourselves by sacrificing our lives to God. Don’t wait, do it now.


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